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 Core Gameplay Outline

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PostSubject: Core Gameplay Outline   Core Gameplay Outline I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 28, 2011 11:18 pm

This seemed to be the most appropriate place to post this, but if a mod/admin thinks this topic is better suited somewhere else, then feel free to move it. Anyway, people keep asking what the core gameplay will be, and I finally found what we all agreed on back on SSB4.
Morph Boy wrote:
Button System:
Light Attack/ Heavy Attack: Basic attacks that can be chained together for normal melee combos.
Melee Special: Pressing this button under normal circumstances will unleash a focus attack (article below). Kind of like a smash attack, only with new combo possibilities. When ducked, pressing this will launch the opponent into the air to set up an air combo. Also is a crucial part of some Hyper Combos.
Projectile Special: Releases a small projectile that can be both ducked under and jumped over. However, inserting different arrow key commands will unleash a character's signature attack (for those who have projectile special attacks to begin with, like Ryu's Hadoken or Iron Man's UniBeam). Also is a crucial part of some Hyper Combos.
Assist: The assist (non-playable) character currently equipped will come in, perform their attack, and leave. Works exactly like in the Vs. series, but with a few things tacked on.
Character Switch: Switches out your character with your reserve character. Works exactly like in the Vs. series.

Gameplay Elements:
Special Moves: moves such as Mario's Mario Tornado or Ryu's Shoryuken can be executed with arrow key and LA/HA button combinations, while moves like Ryu's Hadoken or Goku's Kamehameha will be performed likewise, but with the PS key.
Hyper Combos: Ryu's Shinku Hadoken and the like can be performed by executing a tad more complex commands, but these consume Hyper Bars. Hyper Bars fill up with each successful hit on the enemy. A player can only have five Hyper Bars stored up at once. Each character would also have something known as a "Level 3 Hyper" in the Vs. series, but here it will be called Final Smash, an extremely powerful attack that consumes three Hyper Bars. Standard Marvel vs. Capcom 3 HC tactics can be used, like Crossover Combinations or HC Cancels.
Items: Like Smash, items will appear on screen. Most, like the Beam Sword, only appear as an icon below your player's health bar. These give a brief stat boost for any given stat, like Attack, Defense, Speed, etc. A Smash Ball might occasionally appear, granting one free Hyper Bar to whoever smashes it.
Capsules: Like items, character capsules appear on-screen. Once grabbed, the current assist character is changed to the one picked up. It is randomly chosen, as with its assist type. The assist type will appear under the assist's health bar.
Assists: To elaborate more, Assists are characters that have 3/4 the health bar of a normal character. Starter assists can be chosen on the character select screen. These are mostly character specific. After they are chosen, they have two assist types that can be chosen. For example, Wario could have Expansion type (Shoulder Bash) or Anti-Air (Cork Screw).
Red= Based off of Smash
Orange= Combo of Smash and MvC concepts
Yellow= Based off of MvC
Blue= Based off of Street Fighter
Cyan= My own idea
Violet= Combo of Smash and Street Fighter
Dark Red= Based off of all three

Also, LegendaryNoob proposed this mechanic as well, which was also accepted:
LegendaryNoob wrote:

Defensive-Blue aura appears and knocks the combo-er across the stage while taking damage. You have to be blocking in order to pull of a defensive burst. Fills up 1/3 of tension bar if done successful. (1/2 a gauge in our case.)

Offensive-Gold aura appears instead of blue. What this does is the same as a defensive, but instead of having 1/3 of a tension bar, it gives the user a full tension gauge. You can use an offensive gauge anytime when you're not blocking. (Not a full in ours, make it a whole gauge.)

There will be a burst gauge on it's own, when it's full, the user can use it anytime he/she wants...But it takes a long time to refill....
I don't know which franchise he got this from, but I'm sure he'll pop up and say where he got it from.

Also, we might want to add a little bit more than this, but we don't have to if we don't want to.
Finally, I'm not feeling the projectile thing. I kinda want to replace that function with a Medium Attack button since not all characters have projectiles. Discuss.

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Core Gameplay Outline
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