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 Test Guideline.

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Test Guideline. Empty
PostSubject: Test Guideline.   Test Guideline. I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 15, 2011 7:48 pm

- Five animations
- One recolor
- One minor edit
- Q&A: Why do you want to become a dev?

This will be scored according to performance.

Minimum: 0pts
Maximum: 20pts
Maximum: 5pts (For each part of the test)

Make note that the animations SHOULD NOT be in a white background.
Any animation submitted in a white background will automatically fail that part of your test.

Minor edits must have something significantly changed about the original sprite. Nothing drastic please.
Recolors can range from anything. Make sure to include the original sprites WITH the recolor.

Question&Answer is simply your honest opinion. I'll rate that part on enthusiasm/reasoning.

Test Guideline. Ookami_sama_signature_by_Hayatso

By Hayatso.
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Test Guideline.
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