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 Rule Book 1

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PostSubject: Rule Book 1   Rule Book 1 I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 01, 2011 6:58 pm

Alright, time to go over the rules in this book:

Making this clear-

This community goes on by a 3 warning basis system; simply speaking that if you exceed three warnings due to failure of obeying these rules, you shall receive a three day ban. Every warning received after the third counts as an automatic ban If you do receive a warning, it will approximately take 14 days (or 2 weeks) for it to be removed. These 14 days applies to the date each individual warning was issued, and they will expire one after the other until no more warnings are left. And for specific reasons, you may be banned before your third warning (for things like mass spamming, hacking the forums, etc.)

Now for the rules of the forum:

1. In the event of:

- There is a complaint about cursing or the growth of cursing, a word filter may need to be establish. I'll make a setting for those who want the filters on and off, but hopefully this should be a compromise to those who dislike cursing.

2. Overall, treat each other with respect. I don't want to see any form of threats or hate messages around (trolling, flaming or flame baiting) like with our last home.

3. Theft of any kind, is prohibited.

4. No spam whatsoever will be permitted. I'll find a way for members to lock their own topics.

5. No malicious links of any kind.

6. Posts containing inappropriate material will not be tolerated. (That includes porn, hentai, ecchi, lesbo, etc)

7. Caps lock posting isn't suggested
(And for those of you who try to pull off the 'MY CAPS LOCK IS BROKEN HURPY DERP TROLOLOLOL11!!11!' There is an on-screen key board for that crap.)

8. No member impersonation, especially the admins of this forum.

9. Posting or editing a user's personal information will not be excused.

10. For the sake of the forum, keep bootlegging, console modding, etc in your private messages or find some other place for that.

11. If a topic is older than 14 days, leave it alone. Unless you have something to update, I don't want to see you posting in it. (AKA: Bumping of topics)

12. No consecutive posting (unless you're updating something)

13. If you've signed up for the sake of advertising purposes, the godfist will be upon your soul.

14. DO NOT post any form of spoilers without a spoiler tag included (including those of books, TV shows, movies, or even games).

15. No alt accounts.

16. I will not be held responsible for any third party links posted by any of the members in these forums.

17. Don't post topics specifically asking for a higher position.

18. Don't post topics complaining about another user.

19. If you don't like a topic, you have all the choice to avoid posting in it.

20. Don't post in bot topics.

21. Refrain from putting huge pictures in your sig/avi. Some could cause potential page stretching and it would bring up some complaints.

22. For the sake of others with impaired vision, PLEASE do not post pictures that could potentially cause seizures.

23. Do not make organized topics for spamming other forums. If you're into that type of business, keep it in PM's.

24. Do not advertise to members in PM's.

25. Do not embed flash or videos in your sig or anywhere else that does anything without user consent.

26. Do NOT quote pyramid for any reason. It can get pretty annoying.

27. Don't go posting R.I.P. topics. (No need to tell the world.)

28. No backseat modding. Moderators can handle their own jobs.

29. My personal favorite. Do NOT kiss-up to any of the moderators here on the forum. Do as such will not get you anywhere really, and you should know we show no mercy.

More will come when it is appropriate.

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Rule Book 1
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