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PostSubject: (NAME PENDING)   (NAME PENDING) I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 23, 2012 9:39 am

My friends and I are making a fighting game. I am making this separately because we are hoping to make money off of this game. It is mostly comedic.

There are 15 characters to start with, and a hidden 16. Each character controls something different, and has a weapon (though they may rarely use it). The weapons will be changeable, and each change has different abilities.
Since it was designated for keyboard play so far, there are 9 attack buttons: Light Punch and Kick, Medium Punch and Kick, Heavy Punch and Kick, Grab and Light/Heavy Projectile.

Characters (No names yet):
A pacifistic princess-like character who can control basic fire. She has the Fire Demon, Ignai, inside of her and during the fight Ignai takes over and manipulates her body. Her weapon is a hidden dagger.
A small alien character that controls the element of water (based on water on Mars) and uses a raygun as his key weapon. It uses some other alien technologies at times.
A sentient teddy bear (more like a beast) that uses brute strength in his attacks. He isn't very smart, and is only fighting until he finds his previous owner who lost him.
A shape changing blob of sentient goo that take mostly human form. Inside of it's body are two small bits of earth, and it controls outside earth too. It uses the bits of earth already in its body as knuckledusters.
A living cloud of smoke that uses constriction and strangulation via smoke. She tries to make as silent a kill as possible and wants to watch the world burn. Incredibly sadistic.
An African-American who controls his hair. He usually styles it into an afro, but uses his tactics and brains to change it into multi-purpose weapons.
A flamboyant hairdresser who can compress anything and hide it in his body. He mainly pulls out hair styling tools, and mostly utilises a large pair of scissors. Hates anything dirty.
A large penguin, who has been trained in the art of the ninja. Can control ice techniques, and can teleport, walk up walls and hide in the shadows. Uses a bamboo cane.
An illusionist who uses telekinesis to control 5 swords, which he hides inside his body in the form of canes. He can also utilise saws, cards and handcuffs.
A man who was cast to be the next Grim Reaper. He can control electricity and uses a scythe as his main weapon. He can suck out souls, and send them out too. He is on the verge of decaying.
A man who escaped from death row, but couldn't detach the iron ball from his leg. He utilises kicks and the iron ball, as he has incredibly powerful leg strength.
A lion that has been experimented on, and given a British man's brain. He wields a small, fencing swords that he pulls from his walking cane. He excretes poison from his teeth, and cannot control his animalistic urges sometimes.
An incredibly buff wrestling fanatic that loves to fight, and wields two vines as whips. He controls plants and flora, and loves the colour and smell of roses.
A werewolf that controls darkness around him. He can turn from werewolf to human whenever he wants, and has a high blood lust. He attacks anything that moves, friend or foe.
A girl that rides on rollerskates and uses speed and momentum as her weapon. She is incredibly flexible and can ride with the wind. She is amazingly smart with predicting wind and weather.
(Hidden) A young girl who controls metal. She must know the inner workings of the machine to create it, and carries multiple wires in her pockets. Very graceful, and uses ballet in her moves.

We have holiday events planned, that will add new weapon choices and temporarily add new characters:
Wannabe Santa Claus (Christmas)
Headless Horseman (Hallowe'en)
Joker (April Fools)
Cupid all grown up (Valentine's Day)

Each character will play differently, for example: The lion can attack powerfully, but has low speed, whereas the teddy bear can attack swiftly and powerfully, but with a low range.

Each character will have their own stage, and a new, temporary stage will be added each holiday update.
Some stages have different effects on some characters.

With each holiday update, the game code will change slightly. We only have one so far.
April Fools: You do not choose anything. You click on one or two player vs mode, and you will be thrown into a random stage, with a random character and a random weapon, with random rules and items.

I posted this in case anyone wanted ideas at all.
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PostSubject: Re: (NAME PENDING)   (NAME PENDING) I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 29, 2012 4:56 pm

I just skimmed over some of this, it looks pretty intriguing and you already know what you want so that's a good phase.

(NAME PENDING) Ookami_sama_signature_by_Hayatso

By Hayatso.
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PostSubject: Re: (NAME PENDING)   (NAME PENDING) I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 29, 2012 10:29 pm

Thanks. A fair bit of thinking went into this (mostly mine).
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PostSubject: Re: (NAME PENDING)   (NAME PENDING) I_icon_minitime

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